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Bypass Style Shower Enclosures

Euro bypass example--S-curve glass Euro Style Enclosures

Designed and engineered to carry heavy tempered 3/8" 5/16" or 1/4" glass ensuring the best quality bypass unit available more


The extrusions are heavier and designed to provide the best quality bypass unit available. The roller brackets are designed to install through holes in the glass. This promotes safety and a quality gliding assurance. The ESE/ETE and ECS have a rounded header for European styling. Custom configuration and sizes are available to fit any opening. Euro 3/8" Enclosures are available in six stock colors. Custom powder coating is also available.


Framed bypass exsmple -- FT/FS Framed Enclosures

Fully framed by-pass enclosures that incorporate true luxury and European styling more


The FT/FS and FTE/FSE Series are fully framed by-pass enclosures. These framed units are created with a thicker gauge aluminum style, rounded header, and precision engineered brackets and knobs. The rounded towel bar compliments the rounded feel of all the extrusions. These finely crafted units have a wonderfully contemporary look. These framed units are fully by-passable and have an easy clean curb for low maintenance.


bypass exsmple-- TE/SE Traditional Enclosures

These shower enclosures are precision engineered, good quality frameless enclosures at affordable prices. more


The extrusions are bright dipped anodized and polished to create a beautiful finish. The Traditional Series can accommodate a wide variety of configurations and sizes to fit any opening. All units come with clamp on roller brackets and an easy clean curb which eliminates mold and mildew build up.


Design Examples

Euro Tub & Shower Style Enclosures

Framed Tub & Shower Enclosures

Traditional Tub & Shower Enclosures


Quality Control

Whether in a frame or frameless design, the traditional and European glass shower doors manufactured by Arizona Shower Door display our complete dedication to detail. We carefully craft each glass shower enclosure to exacting standards to ensure you receive the most superior product available. Our extensive selection of glass and framing options allow you the flexibility to match bathroom settings ranging from classical to contemporary.

Available framing colors include the following:
• Chrome
• Brushed Nickel
• Oil-rubbed Bronze
• Gold
• Satin
• Heritage Brass
• White
• Custom Powder-coated Finishes

Our customization capabilities enable us to match your specific requirements. We encourage customer creativity by putting the design process in your hands. Begin creating the shower enclosure of your dreams today.


Terms For Shower Doors:
• ESE- Euro Shower Enclosure
• ETE- Euro Tub Enclosure
• FT- Framed Tub
• FS- Framed Shower
• TE- Tub Enclosure
• SE- Shower Enclosure
• LETE- Lite Euro Tub Enclosure
• LESE- Lite Euro Shower Enclosure
• LETET- Lite Euro Tub Enclosure with Towel Bar
• LESET- Lite Euro Shower Enclosure with Towel Bar