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Chicago Branch

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Branch Employees:

• Branch Manager: Paul Rack
• Plant Manager: Brad Sisco
• Office Manager: Abbey Flores
• Customer Service Manager: Sheri Demario
• Customer Service Rep:  Cedeliah Bowman, Megan Comise, Renee Comise, Karen Cosmen, Jessica Medina, Kimberly Medina, Kathryn Mondt, and Jessica Sotelo Rodriguez
• Sales:  David Doelling, Ozzie Flores, and Mike Pepper

Contact Information:

Illinois Branch Office
Arizona Shower Door Inc.
2601 Bond Street, Unit 1
University Park, IL 60484

Toll Free:(800) 861-6120

Telephone:(708) 235-0708
FAX:(708) 235-0729

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 7:00-4:00pm

Email Directory: